FridayCHAT is a Christ-centered homeschooling organization dedicated to providing families with a safe environment for like-minded fellowship and classes that will enrich our children's education. 

Relationship with Auburn United Methodist Church 

We are very grateful to be able to hold our program at Auburn United Methodist Church.  Although we work closely with the church staff, the program is NOT sponsored or endorsed by Auburn United Methodist Church.  Families are expected to make every effort to respect the church building and grounds by cleaning up after themselves.  Our goal is to leave the property as we found it or better each week.   

Annual Meeting

A meeting will be held prior to the start of the fall semester, at which time you may register for classes and tour the building.  This meeting is an opportunity for all of us to start forming the bonds necessary for us to work as a team to provide an efficient and effective program.   At the meeting we will review our procedures, discuss any new policies, have you fill out the FridayCHAT Membership Form and have available the Service Job sign up. 

Service Jobs  

FridayCHAT is a co-op that is dependent upon the hard work and dedication of all of its members.  Each family participating in FridayCHAT classes is expected to complete their assigned Service job(s) weekly. In the event of your absence, you agree to follow FridayCHAT’s guidelines regarding notification of absence.  Service Jobs include, but are not limited to, teaching, teacher assisting, site set-up, site cleanup, nursery caregiver, etc.  

Service Job Assignments 

If you are attending co-op for 1-2 hours, you need a minimum of 1 job*.

If you are attending co-op for 3+ hours, you need a minimum of 2 jobs*. 

*Teaching is considered a job. 

Service Jobs will be first made available at the Annual Meeting, and later, online.  Positions are available on a first come, first serve basis.  Please understand that on occasion, Council may ask you to move to a different assignment for the hour, if we are short on help.  We appreciate your willingness to help where needed.  If you don't sign up for a service job, we will assign one to you.

You MUST communicate with Council if you are not going to be able to make it to your service job. If you know ahead of time that you will not be at co-op please fill out the absence form HERE.  If it is a last minute absence you can email or call Sara. Make sure you get a response. Even the morning of co-op and during the co-op session, Sara will be checking her phone/email/FB. 

Email Sara at : sarajoturtle@Hotmail.com

Call/text Sara at: 989-372-2510

Post on Facebook at: FridayCHAT


Registration information is available at www.fridaychat.org.  Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.  If a class is not working for your child, you may add your child to another class, which means paying the fee for that newly added class. Adding a class after the deadline requires that you communicate with the teacher of the class and that they give permission for you to add your child. No refunds will be given, except in the unlikely event that a class is canceled.  

Classroom Guidelines

1. Please have your children use the restroom before class in order to minimize interruptions to class time.  

2. In order to allow teachers time to prepare for class, please do not bring your children to class more than 5 minutes early. 

3. For the health and safety of everyone attending co-op, please do not bring sick children to FridayCHAT.  If your child has a fever, vomiting/diarrhea, etc., please keep them home. 

4. Since classes are optional and teachers are unpaid volunteers, children who are disrespectful, not participating, or causing disruptions will be escorted to their parent.  If the behavior continues, parents may be asked to stay in the class or the child may be dropped from the class permanently.

Parents MUST remain in the building

Parents are responsible for their children during FridayCHAT classes and all other FridayCHAT-sponsored activities, therefore, parents MUST remain IN THE BUILDING and readily available during the hours that their child(ren) are attending classes. If you bring another child with you who is enrolled in our program, you are responsible for that child for the day, acting as their guardian while on the church grounds.  Children/Students are not allowed to attend without a parent or guardian, even if they can drive themselves to the church. This is to ensure the safety of our children, as well as to meet the requirements of being a cooperative program. 

Classroom Behavior/Discipline

We expect children to be well behaved while they participate in our program.  In the unlikely event that there is a behavior issue, we recommend the following guidelines for handling disruptions:

* Use in-class methods to address the problem such as redirecting activity, having your volunteer sit with or work with the disruptive child, changing seating arrangement.

* If the problem persists- talk to the parent outside of class.

* If the problem still persists- talk to a council member.  Council will, with the parent and teacher, decide the best course of action.  It may mean the child will drop the class or the parent will stay with the child in the class.

* Please be respectful of the child and the program and do not discuss behavior issues with random listeners.


We do not allow children such as friends or cousins to visit FridayCHAT classes.  This is for liability and insurance purposes.  Children who would like to attend our program must be registered and pay the appropriate class fees. 

Electronic Devices

Students should not have electronic devices on and/or out during class, unless requested or required by the teacher.  This includes cell phones, iPods, electronic games, etc.  If needed, a teacher may collect the device during class and return to the student when class is over.  To avoid loss or damage, we suggest leaving electronics at home. 


If a child is not enrolled in a class for a particular hour, he or she must stay with their parent.  Older students may want to volunteer to help in a class for the hour.  Students should not be roaming the church property.  

Dress Code

Parents are responsible to guide their children in clothing choices.  Please, remember that this is a Christian group. No bare midriffs, strapless tops, or short shorts.  Our appearance is a reflection of FridayCHAT.  These guidelines apply to any FridayCHAT-sponsored event.  All participants of FridayCHAT are representatives of the wider homeschool community.  Parents should set a good example for their children.

Snow Days

If FridayCHAT closes due to weather, we will let families know via email, Facebook and our website. We will not have any snow make up days.


FridayCHAT has various forms of communication: Facebook and Email, and our website, www.fridaychat.org. Information will also be displayed on the Information Table. 

First Aid

A first aid kit with simple supplies is available at the Information Table and in the Nursery room.  The kits are for minor injuries and are not supplied for preventative applications.  If an ambulance is necessary, a teacher or Council Member on duty will call emergency personnel.  You or your insurance provider is financially responsible for all emergency care. 

Lost and Found

A lost and found bin will be located at or near the Information Table.  All items left after the session ends will be donated to charity. FridayCHAT and/or Auburn United Methodist Church is not responsible for lost and/or stolen articles.  Please do your best to keep track of your belongings. 


Lunch will be held in the fellowship hall, unless otherwise communicated.  Families may pack their own lunch or participate in our potluck by bringing a dish to pass. Occasionally we have pizza days. If your family chooses to participate, there will be a small fee to cover the cost of the pizzas. Watch email and/or check the website for upcoming dates. Families are responsible for cleanup of their own messes.

Family Night

FridayCHAT may choose to hold a Family Night, in which students will have the opportunity to showcase some of their work from the session.  Friends and family will be invited to attend.  Information will be provided as it becomes available.

School Pictures

In the fall, families have the option of having school pictures taken during FridayCHAT.  A sign up sheet will be available at the Information Table and/or online.  Packages, fees, and payment are determined and arranged by the photographer. The pictures are back by the last week of the Fall session in time for Christmas cards.  Information will be on the website, Facebook or in the email communication.

Prayer Day 

Thursday is our prayer day for the program.  Prayer is the backbone of this endeavor and we invite you to join us in asking the Lord to bless our efforts, to lead us, and to help our classes be successful.  Pray for your students and their families, as well as each teacher and volunteer.  

Final Notes

The Council is here to help you have a great year.  Please feel free to contact them with any thoughts, questions or comments.  May God bless us so that we all have a great year! 

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